Quality & Service




Today we are all short of time and the need for quality relaxation and effective rest has never been greater. Help your customers achieve this by choosing best quality innersprings that make your furniture the source of unsurpassed comfort. Herkules is your experienced supplier for top quality Zig-Zag springs as well as Bonnell and pocket innersprings for both upholstery and mattress production. Whether you need a standard product or a solution tailored to your individual needs – the Herkules Team is at your disposal.


Herkules offers …

… best quality raw materials and final products approved by REACH (ECHA),

… professional processes in accordance with ISO 9001:2015,

… continuous investment in effective machines as well as skilled personnel,

… convenient lead times, combined with expert advice and competitive prices.


In short: A highly attractive package in the field of Zig-Zag springs and innersprings – backed by Herkules’ strong focus on customer service.